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Prizefighter en Mi Casa
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Remember when you were in growing up and school in South Texas? The Cocooey or the Boogeyman, and words like teenage pregnancy, welfare or Lone Star, Wetbacks and Whitetrash were not uncommon? This book takes me back to those days when I first moved to Texas and heard those words. I also have epilepsy in my family. I think this book brings out the good and the bad of all worlds in a courageous and spirited way.
I love Chula's character and how she finds her strength as she copes with her "flashes"/epilepsy, school, her family, home life, and sibling rivalry with Richie. The mystery of El Jefe, his connections to the family, and their needs drew me more into the story.
There is also in this story the everyday youth issues like school stuff (friends, enemies, and grades), gangs and crime, ethnic stereotypes & prejudices. I love the use of juvenile and mexican/Tex-Mex vocabulary and grammar.
I can't wait for more from Ms. Charlton-Trujillo!

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