For the Fame of God's Name: Essays in Honor of John Piper Review

For the Fame of God's Name: Essays in Honor of John Piper
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I can vividly recall the very first time I picked up and read a book by John Piper. Now, over 20 years later I join the contributors to this great new book in honoring the man who's probably taught me more about what it means to worship and enjoy God more than any other person.
The contributors to this over 500 page book reads like a theological all-star list .. D.A. Carson, Sinclair Ferguson, Wayne Grudem, John MacArthur, and Mark Talbot just to name a few.
Also contributing are a few pastors on staff at Bethlehem Baptist, where Piper has served now for 30 years. David Michael, one of those pastors, has an early contribution and indeed, sets the tone early in the book where he writes a four page prayer in chapter one, thanking God for the numerous blessings Piper's ministry has had on him and countless others.
The book covers a variety of topics, including marriage, God's sovereignty, abortion, money, pastoral ministry, marriage, and prayer.
Fittingly, maybe the best chapter in the entire book is Chapter 4, CHRISTIAN HEDONISM by Sam Storms. The phrase is perhaps the most well known and associated with Piper. Storms does a brilliant job of explaining how we delight in and savor what we treasure, and how God is in fact the greatest treasure we have.
Take your time and savor this book.. and then treat yourself with a copy under the Christmas tree.

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This tribute to John Piper compiles essays from colleagues written on important themes of his ministry.

John Piper has had a profound impact on countless men and women over his nearly thirty years of ministry. From his online ministry with Desiring God to his preaching ministry at Bethlehem Baptist to his writing ministry in over thirty books, his faithful service has encouraged and challenged many with God's Word.

Piper's influence does not stem from his own abilities and accomplishments, but finds its source in his consistent and humble leading of others to Scripture, where the breathtaking glory of God is displayed in all its wonder. We rejoice and are changed as we encounter glorious truths about God in Piper's ministry.

It is in this spirit that friends and colleagues of Piper, including Wayne Grudem, D. A. Carson, Randy Alcorn, and others, honor him by presenting essays covering topics central to his ministry: prayer, the sovereignty of God, justification, Jonathan Edwards, Christian Hedonism, and more.

Pastors, scholars, and lay leaders will benefit from this tribute to a man who has labored so faithfully for the fame of God's name.

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