Buglette, the Messy Sleeper Review

Buglette, the Messy Sleeper
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From the first page, I could not stop smiling. This is simply a delightful book that will charm everyone who reads it. From the humorous way the little bug is presented to the vibrant illustrations, there is nothing to detract the reader from enjoyment. Although there are some slightly scary moments, they are dealt with so deftly that the child will not have time to be afraid before he is smiling again at the antics of "the messy little sleeper's nighttime escapades.
Buglette is a charming little bug with both a serious and an imaginative side to her personality. During the day she does her chores and keeps everything spic and span. At night, although her bed is prepared for proper sleeping, she tosses and turns as she acts out the marvelous things she dreams about.
One night, Buglette's siblings, Red and Spot, create a shelter within which they hope she can sleep without disturbance. Whoa, that never happens, though, instead...Buglette tosses and turns throwing her acorn shelter off her body and sending it down through the leaves where it bounces off her sibling's head. His cry wakes the crow and their enemy arrives, about to eat Spot. Buglette saves the day by gathering the courage she exhibits in her dreams and floating down to the crow, with the help of a blanket. She throws the blanket over the crow, temporarily blinding him. He becomes frightened, disoriented and flies away, never to return to scare them again.
Buglette saved the day. Her dreams were not so bad, after all, for they taught her courage and skills she wouldn't have even dreamed of had she slept a bit more peacefully. No one ever complained about the disturbances her dreams caused, ever again. She was now the hero instead of the pain in the neck!
The author has done a masterful job with the illustrations. They are vibrant and enticing, making the reader love the little bug family. The colors are warm and purples are used freely. Purple is the color of dreams so it is apt and children will identify with it. Purple is the color of fantasy and imagination. If there is a little girl that does not love the color purple, I have not come across her! The texture of the paper and the size of the book makes it easy to handle and a pleasure to read. In a short story of simple words and expressions coupled with wonderful drawings, the author has created a magical world for a child to enter and learn about how to face fear, march to the beat of their own drummer and develop courage, as well. I absolutely loved this book and will have great pleasure reading it to my two latest twin granddaughters when they are a bit older!

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All sleepers will adore Buglette—a tidy little bug by day, a messy little sleeper at night. That's when she tosses and turns and kicks and flips while she dreams of doing BIG things like building mountains and kicking balls over the moon. Her quirky habit annoys her family—after all, what if her messy sleeping wakes the scary crow?—until her big dreams help her to save the day. Whimsical watercolor illustrations of a ladybug family and an endearing story about being different, dreaming big, and learning to be brave will appeal to children with wild imaginations—messy sleepers or not.

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