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The Shy Creatures
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Originally tucked inside David Mack's long running comic book master piece, Kabuki, The Shy Creatures is presented here in its entirety in this beautiful children's hardcover. The illustrations and rhyme scheme will remind parents of Doctor Seuss and Maurice Sendak classics, while young readers will appreciate the underdog heroine and her band of imaginary, mythological and cryptozoological friends. Every child is sure to laugh out loud at the Yeti's grooming which results in a poodle cut or the Chupa Cabra who receives a new smile courtesy of some seriously huge dentures! I allowed my daughter to read the comic book presentation of this story and she asked for it 3 nights running. Full of imagination, laughs and a little shy girl you'll all root for, this is destined for classic status, an excellent bed time story that will send your children off to sleep with a smile.

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