Adventure Annie Goes to Kindergarten Review

Adventure Annie Goes to Kindergarten
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Adventure Annie was just starting to" rise and shine" when her Mommy popped in her bedroom door to make sure she got up and prepared for her first day of kindergarten. She was full of questions as her Mommy put some Critter Fruit Snacks and some Circus Treat cookies in plastic bags to take to school. She wanted to know if she was going to have a "wild animal zoo adventure" or a "high-flying circus adventure." Mommy didn't think it was very likely, but she was sure that kindergarten would be an adventure itself.
Annie was all prepared for any adventure that came her way and to make sure she put everything from her zookeeper hat to her walkie-talkies in her backpack. When she arrived in Mr. Todd's kindergarten class she was surprised he didn't know who she was because as soon as she arrived she shouted, "Adventure Annie is here!" AND she had the letter A printed right on the front of her shirt. He wanted her to hang up her cape, but that was simply not going to happen. Mr. Todd explained the "Gold Star Rules" and told everyone that each day there was going to be a "Gold Star Deputy." Adventure Annie was determined to win the star, but did she have just a bit too much "adventure" in her to win the award?
Everyone is just going to fall in love with this darling, exuberant little kindergartner, Adventure Annie. This little hustling, bustling little girl will quickly bring to mind another little charmer named Ramona Quimby. She has a zest for life that will make the reader smile at her enthusiastic antics. She has no idea that she's not supposed to rush outside and play on the jungle gym while everyone else is nicely on task. If you liked Ramona, you are sure to quickly fall in love with little Annie Grace, better known as Adventure Annie!

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