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Skin Again
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I can't say enough good about this work. This is an example of two talented people who collaborated to create a work of art, far greater than simply the sum of "writing" plus "illustrating." This is magic. It is honest. It is challenging. And it's totally life- and spirit-affirming! It is not to be missed.
The message and presentation are absolutely not "dumbed down" for kids! (Thank you, thank you!!!) Yet it IS accessible to the preschool set. At the same time, I can imagine this book used with great success as a learning tool/discussion starter with older kids---and even on college campuses and in adult workshops!
Bell Hook's poem goes straight to the heart of the matter---what does define a person? And how do I understand who I am and who you are? Chris Raschka's illustrations reflect the complexity (and simplicity!) of this particular mystery.
What a joy to make a "find" like this!

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