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The Littlest Owl
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I love this story! As the youngest of 2 siblings who are about 10 years my elders, I could relate when thinking back to my childhood. This is a great book for any child who has siblings, but especially for the youngest child, who might struggle to do the things older siblings can do. It also has warm, cozy, beautiful illustrations that move along with the child-centered story. There is a scene of great suspense in which The Littlest Owl must overcome apprehensions and fears. One of my favorite children's books.

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Deep inside a willow tree, three newly hatched owlets curiously examine the fourth, quiet egg. Is there an owl in there, they wonder. When at last the fourth owlet struggles free, he doesn't look much like the others.
Dumpy, small, and downy white, he is left behind while his siblings learn to fly. No matter how hard he tries, he can't quite do it. "I will," he says. "Just you wait and see!"
Will the littlest owl ever grow big and strong enough to fly from the tree?
From the illustrator of five Book Sense Children's Picks comes the perfect story for any child who is a little nervous about venturing too far from home.

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