Ten (The Winnie Years) Review

Ten (The Winnie Years)
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With Ten, Myracle provides readers a prequel to the Winnie series. We step back in time to when she hits double digits. After all, this is an important time in her life. Fifth grade is a big deal - there are boys to consider (yuck), new rules for friendship (whatever), and mean girls (yep, even Winnie has to deal with them). With an active imagination, a good heart, and a strong soul, Winnie tackles all things fifth grade. She does so with her family and friends rooting for her...always rooting for her.
Taking us month-by-month, Myracle's prequel provides a solid plot, rife with old favorite friends such as Amanda, Chantelle, Alex (oh my), and a few mentions of Dinah. For fans, this book will not disappoint; for those looking for a good series to introduce young female readers to, well...this is for YOU!
If you have not yet discovered the character of Winnie Perry, I must insist that you read Ten. When you're finished, you will want to continue with Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, and Thirteen plus One. Come fall in love with Winnie and her strong spirit.

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Winnie Perry is turning ten and ten is BIG: it means double digits, more responsibility, and being an almost-middle-schooler. Ten means that Winnie can handle anything, even a three-year-old baby brother and a practically teenage (and acting like it) older sister. And with her best friend, Amanda, by her side, Winnie plans on enjoying every last second of their last year in elementary school. This prequel to the New York Times bestselling Winnie Years series will thrill the tweens who grew up with Winnie and introduce a whole new generation of readers to a heroine they can grow up with.

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