Every Human Has Rights: What You Need to Know About Your Human Rights Review

Every Human Has Rights: What You Need to Know About Your Human Rights
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Around the world people live different lifestyles, look different, act different and sometimes think differently, but we everyone has certain inalienable rights that we must all respect and protect. Sixty years ago a treaty was formed to lay out just what rights all of us are entitled to. These thirty rights, adopted by a United Nations General Assembly Resolution chaired by Eleanor Roosevelt, are not laid out in a law format, but rather an ethical one that all children need to learn at home and in their classrooms. Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland says in her preface notes that "we need to make our own pledge to live by the principles of the Universal Declaration." Everyone's voice needs to be heard and respected.
In this book each of the thirty rights is accompanied by a poem or short essay written by a young person and appropriate photographs. For example the first right (abbreviated) states that "All humans are born FREE with the same dignity and rights." There are three photographs, one of an infant, one of a young Mexican woman and one of an alienated young gang member. There is one poem and an essay by a thirteen-year-old girl that states in part, "Nobody has the right to mistreat me just because I don't look, think, or act like you . . . all I'm asking for is that you show me some respect, even if you don't think I deserve it."
I thought the concept of the book, the text and the photographs were wonderful. The poetry and essays were from ePals, a safe community where children and classrooms around the world can connect with one another for educational purposes. I did have one problem with this book, not for the content which was thoughtful and very well written, but with the print. The poetry and photo captions are in a light gray print which blends in with the white background. This can be very problematic for the visually impaired. I had to make sure when I read the book I was under a good lighting source. This book would be a marvelous complimentary book to Amnesty International's children's book, "We Are All Born Free: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Pictures!"

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The 30 rights set down in 1948 by the United Nations are incredibly powerful. According to the U.N., every human–just by virtue of being human–is entitled to freedom, a fair government, a decent standard of living, work, play, and education, freedom to come and go as we please and to associate with anyone we please, and the right to express ourselves freely. Every Human Has Rights offers kids an accessibly written list of these rights, commentary–much of it deeply emotional–by other kids, and richly evocative photography illustrating each right. At the end of this deceptively simple book, kids will know–and feel–that regardless of individual differences and circumstances, each person is valuable and worthy of respect

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