It's Not Easy Being Bad (Bad Girls) Review

It's Not Easy Being Bad (Bad Girls)
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There are two main characters. They are Mickey and Margalo. Mickey is a tough kid who is always getting into fights, but nobody realy knows her other side except Margalo. Margalo is part of a big family that dosen't really have much money to spend, so that makes them both unpopular, but they are best friends. The story begins with Mickey and Margalo having a conversation about not wanting to be unpopular. So they decide that they are going to make plans to become more popular. The most exciting part is when Margalo went to the Thrift Store and picked out a cool outfit and when she went to school every one loved it. The story ends when they both become popular and they finally realize that having their friendship is better than being popular. I like this book because it was funny and it makes me think about all the crazy things people my age do just to fit in. I recomend this book to anybody who wants to read a funny adventure about friendship and life as a 7th. grader.

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