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When the Black Girl Sings
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Lahni Schuler sometimes just doesn't understand her life.
She doesn't understand why a Caucasian couple would adopt an African American baby. She doesn't understand why they would enroll that girl in a private school where she is the only African American. She doesn't understand why some of the girls at the school are so snotty and so ignorant, especially towards her. And she definitely doesn't understand why her parents are continuously arguing, when just weeks ago they would all watch movies together as a happy family.
What she does know is that she doesn't fit in, that her comfort zone involves keeping to herself, sometimes not even telling her best friend, Katie, everything, and that she has to be strong, especially for her mother, and that somewhere inside she has this amazing voice.
Mr. Faringhelli knows this, too, and wants Lahni to sing in a competition. Of course, Lahni isn't so sure about this, since it is out of her comfort zone, and she just doesn't think she could do it. Then the perfect timing comes into place when she decides to sing for her church's choir; what better way to practice singing, especially in front of a live audience. She not only surprises herself with this bold move, but also her mother. It's finally a place for Lahni to improve, to fit in, to forget all of her worries that continue to trouble her. It is the perfect escape.
Even though she does have the choir to comfort her, she knows that she will still have to deal with the girls at her school, and with her father leaving all of the time on little trips during the week, acting clueless and not wanting to talk about the situation at all. And she still has to deal with the singing competition. Just as long as she knows she has her friends and the ones she loves by her side, she can accomplish anything.
WHEN THE BLACK GIRL SINGS is an inspirational story that will amaze all readers. The story of a girl who never fit in until she finally embraced her talent and turned it into something beautiful, shows how anyone, regardless of race, or gender, or size, can easily accomplish anything, just as long as they know they can. This is one well-written novel that will be enjoyed by generations to come.
Reviewed by: Randstostipher "tallnlankyrn" Nguyen

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