Juliet's Moon (Great Episodes) Review

Juliet's Moon (Great Episodes)
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Ann Rinaldi's new book, Juliet's Moon, introduces the reader to several of the Civil War's less savory characters; William Clark Quantrill, Sue Mundy (aka Jerome Marcellus Clarke) and William "Bloody Bill" Anderson.
While it certainly is an interesting read and serves the purpose of introducing these rogues to the teen reading public, Juliet's Moon adds a sugar coating that tempers their true ferocity. These men were notorious murderers, responsible for hundreds of innocent deaths. Some of the upright boys that rode with them were Frank and Jesse James, and the Younger brothers. William Anderson, was known to possess a necklace with the scalps of Union soldiers attached. Ms. Rinaldi chooses to portray these guerillas as kindly southern gentlemen just doing what had to be done to protect their own. The "All's fair in love and war' philosophy.
The writing was spot on, as usual for a Rinaldi book. She has an uncanny knack of drawing her audience back in time and quietly passing on a history lesson as she goes. In that respect, this book is on the mark as well. However, by presenting the aforementioned characters in such a favorable light, she, perhaps, is doing the readers a disservice.

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