The Elements of Ethics Review

The Elements of Ethics
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I checked this book out at the library on a whim. It is educational and informative along with being very interesting. I enjoyed it so much, I went and bought my own copy. Provides great insight on what is morally right and ethical (both personally and in the workplace). Johnson and Ridley did not write a dry and boring textbook. This is simply a great book you will be very happy you have read. I'm certain I will be reading it again. Good job guys!

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Patterned after Strunk and White's classic The Elements of Style, this handyguide pulls the existing research on thedelicate balanceof professional ethics into one concise source. Johnson and Ridley explore seventy-five of the most important and pithy truths for supervisors in all fields, including questions of integrity, loyalty, justice, respect, and delivering one's bestin the business environment. Succinct and comprehensive, with examples and takeaway advice, this is a must-have for anyprofessional or business leaderstriving to create an ethical workplace.

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