Twenty-First Century Psychotherapies: Contemporary Approaches to Theory and Practice Review

Twenty-First Century Psychotherapies: Contemporary Approaches to Theory and Practice
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Lebow's book is truly fascinating. It focuses in an exceptionally clear way on the wide variety of therapies that are currently most significant. What intrigued me is that the book not only delineates the primary characteristics of each of these different therapies; it also makes it shockingly clear how different the effects of these therapies can be on various individuals. I started browsing through the pages of this book and found myself easily drawn in by a style that is far more accessible than is usually found in such a densely packed and knowledgeable work. Because of the comprehensive and cutting edge nature of Lebow's research, previously written books with similar aspirations would seem to be immediately outdated. I believe this book will be of enormous interest to anyone who wants to understand the most significant current therapies and how they might affect the clients who choose to participate in them.

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"Jay Lebow has done a masterful job in presenting a lucid overview of the leading theories of psychotherapy, strategies of change, and intervention techniques at the forefront of the field. This outstanding volume is a must-read for seasoned clinicians and trainees alike."—Froma Walsh, Mose & Sylvia Firestone Professor in the School of Social Service Administration, Professor of Psychiatry in the Pritzker School of Medicine, and Codirector of Center for Family Health, The University of Chicago
"This book provides a well-written, up-to-date survey of the theories and practices of psychotherapy that have stood the test of time and seem to be here to stay. A great strength is the chapter authors' inclusion of the evidence for each approach, since Evidence-Based Practice truly is a hallmark of the twenty-first century. This outstanding resource will enable readers to both understand and implement therapy."—Ronald F. Levant, EdD, ABPP, Dean and Professor of Psychology, University of Akron, and 2005 President, American Psychological Association
"Twenty-First Century Psychotherapies offers a remarkably comprehensive, up-to-date, and scholarly examination of the dominant approaches to therapy. Written by leading and articulate experts in each intervention model, this book draws together the most forward-thinking perspectives in individual, group, and couples/family therapy. This will be a treasured reference to novice and experienced clinicians alike, and I expect it to be a much-consulted companion to professionals for many years to come."—Nadine J. Kaslow, PhD, ABPP, Professor and Chief Psychologist, Emory University School of Medicine at Grady Health System
Twenty-First Century Psychotherapies provides thorough coverage of the methods of psychotherapy now held in the highest regard, both for the quality of the research evidence behind them and for their effectiveness with a variety of treatment populations and treatment settings.

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