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Cassandra's Angel
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Cassandra's Angel is the touching and inspiring story of a child who truly wants to please - as most children do - but is constantly being given the message that she just can't do anything right.
Cassandra is truly everything that a little girl should be: delightful, beautiful, inquisitive, creative, intelligent, and imaginative. However, Cassandra doesn't know that. She thinks of herself as a child who just can't do anything right, because the adults in her life (who are suppose to know these things) keep sending her that message by the way they speak to her.
When her room needed to be picked up, her mother said that Cassandra was a messy girl. Cassandra stored that message in her mind...she was a messy girl.
When her art teacher told her to paint a picture of a house and a tree with seven red flowers and one yellow bee, she started by painting a magnificent tree that took all the room - none was left for the bee. Her little painting took on a life of its own and colorful images began to flow onto the canvas, as she became lost in her own imagination. Instead of admiring the beauty, talent, and self- statement of Cassandra's painting, her teacher scolded her and said she was incorrigible. Cassandra stored that message in her mind...she was incorrigible.
As this story unfolds Cassandra finds comfort, and learns a special secret about herself, from an unexpected source - her very own Angel! A truly beautiful one too! One who comes complete with everything a little girl thinks of when she thinks of angels: lovely soft wings, a golden crown, and a brilliant wondrous light. And what was the secret? It was the truth - the truth of what Cassandra really was.
This beautifully illustrated book, and the lessons found within its pages, will affect change and inspire parents and children everywhere. Perhaps the next time you speak to your child, you will speak as if the very Angels were listening.
Reviewed by Ruth Wilson

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With its uplifting and heartwarming story, Cassandra's Angel brings an inspiring message of self-empowerment to children of all ages.

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