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Watch Out for Wolfgang
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Young readers who like robots will be over the top about Watch Out For Wolfgang. Paul Carrick's imaginative story and his bold, bright, bursting with color full page illustrations captivate.
First off, Wolfgang is to robots what the big bad wolf was to Little Red Riding Hood - Wolfgang is a (gasp) Recycler. One can hardly imagine what he would do with robot parts - toaster, deep fryer, microwave? It's all just too terrible to imagine.
So, just as any good mother would, Old Mother Robot called her three bots, Rod, Slick and Dudley, together to tell them it was time for them to go out into the world but above all to watch out for Wolfgang. Now, although brothers the three bots were quite different - Rod was scrupulously neat and dependable, Slick was completely charming, could win you over in a minute, and Dudley, well, he was called Dud - need I say more? Dud was definitely different, a bit rusty, and he emitted strange sounds.
How these three get along in the world is what this story is all about, and it also reminds us of the importance of being who you are.
- Gail Cooke

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In a riff on the classic cautionary tale The Three Little Pigs, Paul Carrick retells and imaginatively illustrates this story of three robot brothers. When Mother Robot finishes programming them, its time to send them out into the world. But she warns them to be careful of Wolfgang the Recycler. If he catches them, hell use their parts for his own ill-gotten gains. Rod is a mamas robot and desperate for nurturing. Slick is vain and easily won over with a compliment. And Dudley is . . . well, a dud who likes mud. Can they protect themselves from the greedy Wolfgang? The illustrations in Watch Out for Wolfgang are made of shaped plastic, wires, bits of screen, and other recycled materials.

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