Sonata #1: For Riley Red Review

Sonata #1: For Riley Red
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One great deed. One glorious contribution. Rachel finds herself in the whirlwind of her friend Desmona's search to save the world (and save herself). Written as if in the early sixties just before the Beatles came to America and just before protesting became a national pastime, the story takes you through Rachel's life as she tries to navigate her way from being a child to growing up. Although Rachel's mom keeps telling her that nothing good can come out of her hanging out with "those rich kids" whose parents don't care about them and let them run wild, she finds Rachel and her brother Riley comforting to be around.
Although the story starts out a little slow, it picks up. I give it 4.5 stars, but since Amazon doesn't do half stars, I rounded up for good measure. It is a book I'd give to my almost 8 year old daughter.
Budding activist will enjoy this one as well as girls who enjoyed books like Charlottes Web and From the Mixed up Files of Basil E Frankweiler.

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