Would I Ever Lie to You? Review

Would I Ever Lie to You
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Caralyn Buehner and Jack Davis did such a fantastic job with this book that it left both my children (ages 4 and 5)and myself rolling with laughter by the end! The narrator pretty much explains his dilemma of never knowing when his ornery older cousin is telling the truth, or just teasing him. The older cousin starts out by begging the narrator (whose name is never revealed) not to eat his piece of pie because it could be poisonous and he could die. The narrator states, "A poison pie? Could it be true? With Cousin Ed you never knew." The narrator proceeds to explain to the reader (with various hilarious examples) why he never knew. By the end, the gullible narrator has grown a bit wiser and manages to get the last laugh!
Anyone out there with an ornery relative can most likely relate to this book! The illustrations are just as comical as the story line. This is definitely one of my kids' favorites. My four year old has it memorized. This is the first Caralyn Buehner book we have ever read, but it will certainly not be the last!

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When your cousin is always telling outrageous tales, how do you know what to believe? He says you were hatched from an egg in the garden, and that sure sounds absurd. But not all of his stories are false: He was right about your aunt Mary not having teeth; and Dad agreed with him that, yes, your mom does have eyes in the back of her head! So when Ed tells you that your dessert—the piece of pie you've been looking forward to all meal long—is full of poison, what should you do?
In this spirited, silly book, the little kid finally gets to turn the tables on the big bully. And revenge is sweet as pie!

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