God Wants You Happy: From Self-Help to God's Help Review

God Wants You Happy: From Self-Help to God's Help
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"God Wants You Happy" finds you where you are and tugs you gently back to where you need to be. For anyone who finds relief in the wrong things -- be it compulsive shopping, a workaholic, alcohol, drugs, worrying, self-absorption... etc. etc. -- this book guides us through a spiritual plan on how to connect self help to God's help in six defined steps. Not preachy, but written with a warmth and conviction that leaves us convinced that God loves us unconditionally in every aspect of our lives. Father Morris helps us to open our minds and hearts to the true meaning of Sacred Scripture and Jesus' message -- "to love one another as I have loved you" aligning our will to God's will -- thus becoming open to receive the grace and profound happiness that God is waiting to give us...if we let Him.

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In God Wants You Happy, Father Jonathan Morris replaces the unsatisfying, fleeting solutions we receive from the New Age self-help industry with the simplicity and depth of authentic Christian spirituality. In his work traveling the world for FOX News and in his parish work in New York City, Father Jonathan could not understand why people were choosing the vague and sometimes harmful advice of the self-help gurus and ignoring the tested and true help the Christian faith offers. He discovered that part of the problem was packaging: people thought the church dealt only in sin and guilt and not help and healing. But what if we reframed God's good news in the same terms as the self-help world?

Morris argues that self-help can only take you so far; what we need is God-help. God Wants You Happy offers a life-long spiritual program that teaches you how to open yourself up to God's loving presence in order to become everything he created you to be-joyful, flourishing men and women. In other words, God wants you to be happy.

Illuminated with biblical passages and filled with case studies and exercises, God Wants You Happy helps you to:

Open your mind and heart to the all-loving God who wants to help and empower you
Work through the Faith-Hope-Love Cure to rid yourself of self-destructive and self-limiting habits while forming new habits for receiving grace, forgiveness, acceptance, and love
Tap into the natural mechanisms of self-improvement God has already put within you
Discover your divine mission

A lifetime of happiness is at your fingertips and the Creator of the universe wants to help you achieve it.

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