Tink (The Children of Crow Cove) Review

Tink (The Children of Crow Cove)
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After he forgot to close the gate and the sheep devoured all the vegetables in the garden, Tink felt completely responsible for the hunger that his small Crow Cove community was now experiencing. Although his guilt pushed him to leave the settlement, he did not get far before stumbling upon a bedraggled man who had passed out along the road. Tink had no choice but to seek help back at Crow Cove. He learned that the man, Burd, was a drunk who had a personal history with some of the community members. Had Tink just introduced more problems to Crow Cove by bringing this troubled man into their fold, or could Burd's fishing talents redeem him and help to fill their empty stomachs?
Closely woven into this short novel are several important economics lessons related to barter, interdependence, food insecurity, and the marketplace. This book comes as the third in the Children of Crow Cove Series, and because its story line draws in virtually all the characters and many of the events from the first two books, readers will understand Tink better if they read the first two installments. Note that the book encompasses situations with domestic violence, alcoholism, and depression, making it more appropriate for mature children who can handle such themes.

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We first met Tink when he came to live in Crow Cove as a young boy in Eidi. Now hard times have come to the little settlement, and their food supply is dwindling. Tink, with the help of a newcomer to Crow Cove, saves his friends from starvation by learning how to fish—and also learns important lessons about the complexities of human nature, the importance of compassion, and his own valued place in his community. Tink is a strong new addition to the much-acclaimed Children of Crow series.

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