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This is a heart-warming story that all family members will enjoy...
Brannon has done well in capturing the essence of life in the baseball
community of kids, parents and coaches....He is a student of the game,
of the game, which certainly contributes to making Cricket an enjoyable
read for the most ardent fan....

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Nine-year-old Kristie "Cricket" Adams doesn't believe the stereotypethat girls are supposed to play house, carry dolls, wear pretty dresses, andnot get dirty. She'd rather play baseball.
A talented pitcher, first baseman, and hitter, Cricket loves to play thegame. After participating in her town's Minor Little League program fortwo years, she dreams of being selected for one of the upper-level teams.Cricket works hard and prepares for tryouts, but she's disappointed whenshe's not chosen because she is a girl.
Cricket refuses to give up. She's asked to return to her Minor LittleLeague team to play another year. Somewhat discouraged over theoutcome, she agrees and is determined to be a good baseball player,teammate, and friend. With tenacity and motivation, Cricket proves thatdreams really do come true.
Filled with the sounds and sights of America's favorite pastime, bothboys and girls who love baseball will want to read about Cricket'sjourney to beat the odds and come out a winner!

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