Jonah & Micah: Reformed Expository Commentary Review

Jonah and Micah: Reformed Expository Commentary
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This by far is the best commentary that I have read on the book of Jonah. Richard Phillips brings out New Testament theology in an Old Testament book. His comparison to the death and resurrection of Jesus compared to the 3 days of horror in the belly of the great fish was outstanding. Reformed theology in the Old Testament. This is a must read for all pastors and bible teachers.

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Jonah is such a contemporary figure that he could walk out of one of our churches. Jonah reminds us that the chief characteristic of redeemed people is not that they never sin but that they are ready to repent of their sin when they are reminded of God s grace. The prophet Micah lived several generations later than Jonah. God called Jonah to cry out to the wicked idolaters in Nineveh but he called Micah to cry out against the wicked sinners of Jerusalem! Jonah wrestled against God s gospel message for pagan unbelievers, yet Micah was broken-hearted in his fervent desire for Jerusalem to repent and believe. If Jonah connects us to our mission to the world, Micah informs our challenges with today s Church.

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