Relax (Life Skills and Responsibility) Review

Relax (Life Skills and Responsibility)
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I love this book and use it all the time with the young children with whom I work. Some great ideas for little ones to relax and to take care of themselves. Great for the adults who take care of the little ones too!Get your hands on this book and don't let go!

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It seems that no matter how conscience parents are, we will find that even our very young children have stressful experiences which can cause pain and anxiety.We cannot always protect them but we can always encourage their awareness of the experiences which naturally bring pain and stress.We can help children to recognize and name their stressful feeling:worry, fear, hurt, sadness, exclusion, disappointment, guilt, frustration, jealousy, powerlessness, inadequacy, and embarrassment.We can help children to recognize the physical and mental signs of stress in themselves and, most importantly, we can encourage them to take control of their ability ease their own tension.Relax may be written for children but it will do its best work when adults and children use it together.It will give adults the simple, clear language to speak to young children about stress and stress relief.Yet, it is state of the art human psychology from a knowledgeable and sensitive child-development expert.The last section of the book begins, "What can you do to make yourself feel better?"It is a practical guide which is useful for human beings of all ages.It is particularly appealing to children because the relaxation exercises are presented in the form of games.

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