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The Cat Barked
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Have you ever wished you were something you're not? You know, wished for curly hair when yours is straight, or visa versa--the old "the grass is always greener" problem. That's the situation that a little orange striped cat finds herself in "The Cat Barked."
"Dogs have all the fun!" proclaims the envious puss, as she details the reasons why: dogs go to the park, dogs catch crooks and they're always the heroes in movies and books.
"Silly old cat," exclaims the mop-headed little girl who owns her, as she points out that there is a downside to dogs and an upside to cats.
The rhyming text does a good job of capturing the futility and folly of coveting your neighbor's bark. But what really stand out are the cool collages by Monks, a fine arts major at England's Kingston University. She uses a combination of paint, pencil, fabric and photos from magazines to concoct her personable canines and felines. Another unique artistic style that budding artists will be itching to emulate.

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