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Someday Angeline
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I loved how Louis Sacher described Angeline's personality and life. I thought it was sweet that she could be anything from a layer to president, but she wanted to be a gar bage person like her father. I have read Wayside school books, but this was THE funniest of them all! I felt sorry for Angeline because she was laughed at for doing things that came natural to 8 year olds. Like, for example, sucking her thumb and being very emotional about every thing. I agree with Miss Turbone (a.k.a. Mr.Bone) when she said that if she had Mrs. Hardlick as a teacher, she'd go to the aquarium too. I rejoyced when Mellisa Turbone fell in love with Abel. Angeline deserved a mother. In my heart I know that they got married. I got worried when Angeline fell in the ocean and almost drowned. But, it WAS funny when she awoke in the hospital room to a joke. If I was Goon (Gary) I would have probably fainted when she said "What?". I loved this book with all of my heart. It is my third favorite book ever!! My first favorite is The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe. Look for my review on it! READ SOMEDAY ANGELINE!!!!!!

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