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Dean Duffy
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A Review by Corey
Dean Duffy is a young adult just out of high school. He was an awesome baseball player his freshman and sophomore years, the he went in to a huge slump his junior and senior years. He could never figure out why. But over the summer he is offered a full scholarship to a college he'd never even heard of. Almost the entire summer he is apartment sitting and doing a little work just to make enough to keep him alive. Not doing much gave him a lot of time to think about what he is going to do with the rest of his life and if he really wants to accept the scholarship.
This is an excellent book that allows the reader to connect with it very much (Especially if you are a baseball player). It is very realistic and there are many conflicts that are similar to the world as it is today. The characters definitely keep you in the story because if you are a high school student I'm sure you know what people just like them, such as stoners, arrogant people, and the kind of people who are willing to do anything for you because they believe in you so much. The pace is very nice and you don't get lost from quick changes in characters.
I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves to play baseball or is just in the mood for a good book because you can relate to almost all of Dean Duffy's problems.

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