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The Schernoff Discoveries
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The Schernoff Discoveries is a quick moving, funny book about friendship. The story takes place in Minnesota, in two small towns called Hilard and Peat roughly 10 years ago. Gary tells the story about different hilarious challenges two good friends faced at fourteen years of age and what became of them.
I like The Schernoff Discoveries because it is about what happens in school and includes important issues like friendship and dealing with peer pressure. The main characters are Harold and Gary. They are two kids from different sides of the tracks. Harold is smart and daring; Gary is cautious and not so smart. One good example of Harold being daring and Gary being cautious, Harold decided that they needed to go skiing, because girls liked skiers. Harold read in a book on how, even though Gary was against this idea, he went along anyways. They should have listened to Gary. They enjoy school and like girls a lot. They figured out a way to change their schedules so that they would be the only boys in the Home Economics classroom full of girls. This worked for them because they could get to know the girls without competition or insults from other boys. On the downside, the boys were picked on for being the only boys in the room, especially by the football team. With the help of the Home Economics class, the girls and Harold were able to get even with the football team. They enjoy each other's friendship and play jokes on each other, even though others around them make fun of them calling them "geeks" and "nerds".
The story is very funny because during the story Gary talks about things he and Harold have done in the past. Gary is the one telling the story because Harold is the one who is always coming up with ideas for new ways to make money. Harold decided one day that they needed a car. It didn't matter that they weren't old enough to drive. Harold discovered a way for them to make a lot of money at a golf course, which they later used the money to buy the perfect car for a fourteen year old. All through the story Harold helps Gary with bullies and school by playing tricks on the bullies. Gary looks up to Harold because he is smarter than Gary. Gary comments, "Harold is good at everything, except fishing." Harold would try anything he had never tried before, but he would visit the library first. He had never tried fishing and decided he wanted to. He figured that Gary could teach him. Harold came equipped for a major fishing tournament; Gary came with string, hook and worms. This turned into a learning experience; Harold was able to hook everything, except a fish.
I would recommend this book to 6th and 7th graders because it is more at their reading level. Kids hate reading long books, so they will enjoy this quick paced, funny, short book.
This book showed how two friends could overcome bullying and has fun doing it. I like the way the story is being told in the present and the past. This book helps teenagers to relate with the characters. The things that Harold and Gary had to deal with are what so many kids these days deal with. This story shows kids that, you have to keep your head up and not give into peer pressure. Don't let anyone bully you, but most of all don't be a bully to anyone else. Most of all, that a true friend is a good friend.

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