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Hannah Duck
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Hannah Duck by Japanese author, Anji Yamamura, is a tale of three friends. Hannah duck, Gigi parakeet, and KameKame turtle live quietly and peacefully. Every Sunday Hannah heads to the park alone, but is afraid to go inside. Her friends await her return and ask many questions of the outing. Finally Hannah makes the hard confession that she is afraid of going inside the park alone. Gigi happily accompanies her on her next park excursion. With a friend, Hannah is able to face the new experience and she has a very nice time. Yamamura is a talented wood block print artist and the illustrations are wonderful. This is a very sturdy book and the dust jacket, I believe, is a strong plastic.

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Most days, Hannah Duck is peaceful and content...Most days, but not Sundays. Sundays are the days that Hannah Duck goes for a walk. And outside, alone, is a very scary place to be.But when Hannah confides in her friends and faces her fears, she discovers that being brave can open new worlds of friendship and beauty (not to mention the park gates).

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