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The Clever Stick
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When you don't have a voice, how do you find yours? For a lonely stick who travels throughout the forest admiring the world around this is his one desire. He lacks a way to share his thoughts and enthusiasm, to reach out to the others in his world. It's only by a happy accident that he discovers his voice by dragging his way through the sand. Once he's discovered a way to share the Clever Stick never goes back, he's forever changed. With new friends and an exciting new way to express himself he looks forward to a bright future.
This is such wonderful book. Especially for young readers trying to find their own voice. With a surge of new readers using picture books in middle grade and high school curriculum's I could see this book being added to the list easily. It tackles an often tough subject for nearly every person. I know that even as a reviewer and blogger I've struggled to find the best way to express how I feel about books and the other things I write about. But what The Clever Stick shows is what truly matters is that you express yourself in the best way you know how, by being yourself and enjoying it. When you can accomplish that you discover a happiness just by being you. It's fantastic! A message children especially will be able to relate to.
Coupled with the beautiful illustrations, John Lechner's book The Clever Stick tackles a tough subject with grace. Showing readers that it may be difficult to find out who you really are, but in the end it is worth it. And more often than not, those that see you for who you really are will appreciate you that much more. A brilliant picture book that reaches beyond the young readers it was initially targeted for, nearly anyone who reads The Clever Stick will relate to this simple character's journey.
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The stick has always been clever: it solves difficult problems, enjoys poetry, and ponders the music of birds and the beauty of a rose. The one thing it can't do is speak. And because of this, no one can see that the stick is clever; all they can see is a stick. John Lechner, the creator of A Froggy Fable, follows the most unlikely of heroes on a journey of self-discovery, arriving at a place that will surprise and enchant readers everywhere.

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