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Ready, Set, Skip
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This fanciful yet real rhyming read-aloud tale of a little girl who can seemingly do EVERYTHING except skip is delightfully engaging to younger listeners and young readers, their older siblings and parents as well.
Can't we all remember when we couldn't do "something" all the "cool" kids could do?
The little girl can burp. She can slurp. She can twirl, skate leap and sometimes...she can even somersault.
In comes Mom - to give a simple suggestion which helps the little girl achieve her goal...along with the ever important phrase, "You can do it!"
The illustrations by Ann James are simple, done in a watercolor style, are very effective and non-distracting in their simplicity.
I love the fact that an older child can read this to a younger child, even Moms will enjoy listening to this one shared, unlike some read-alouds which can get annoying, this one read repeatedly will continue to be enjoyed.

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I can't skip.I wish I could.Other kids are really good.This little girl can leap, creep, twirl, skate, burp, slurp, and do all theother things kids love to do—except skip! But with the help of a cleversuggestion from her mom, she soon finds herself skipping all the way toschool. Ann James's droll illustrations perfectly complement New YorkTimes bestselling author Jane O'Connor's irresistible rhymes.Ready, Set, Skip! is an upbeat, lively read-aloud about learning that whatyou think you can't do may only be a hop, skip, and a jump away!

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