The Hanukkah Trike Review

The Hanukkah Trike
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I love this book! There are so many books for Hanukkah that focus on presents and old-fashioned families celebrating Jewish holidays, but this one is different. This one is really about a young child in a small moment -- the moment when the old story of the Maccabees means something in her life. The Hanukkah Trike isn't just about hearing the Hanukkah story, but internalizing it -- using it to make difficult choices and be brave.
And it's also a lovely story about great parenting: when Gabi's mom suggests they clean the dirty trike like the Maccabees, she reminds Gabi that our stories are lived stories, and in doing so, allows Gabi to make the decision to be brave (just like the Maccabees!) and try riding her trike again. A great story for children everywhere!

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