Madison and the Two Wheeler Review

Madison and the Two Wheeler
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Now that her friend Emily has learned how to ride a bike without training wheels, Madison feels that the time has come for her to learn. It's a scary process, and Madison is often afraid, but she sticks to it, and before she knows it, she's flying like a bird!
This is a cute story. I got this book for my six-year-old to encourage her to keep at her own bicycle riding lessons, and I must say it worked! My little one liked the book, with its cute illustrations, and it heartened her to keep at it. And, now she is careening around on only two wheels. Yep, I think that this book really did the trick, and I am glad that I got it!

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Five-year-old Madison is determined to ride her bicycle without training wheels so she can ride with her best friend Emily. But after her first fall, she loses confidence. Her parents and Hope, her toy bluebird, urge her to keep practicing. Eventually, despite many tumbles, Madison learns to ride as well as Emily. This simple tale emphasizes the crucial leson that determination is a key ingredient in achieving your goals.

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