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Myrtle of Willendorf
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This highly appealing and unusual herione experiences life inthe harsh world of high school and college by rising through the ashesof superficiality to become replete in her own majesty and talent. Unconventional and plaqued by the pressures of conformity, Myrtle rejects the standards of the main stream body of youth as symbolized by a character named Jada, a tall willowy representative of teen beauty and copes with her own eating disorder and self hatred. The result is a highly complex and all too human young woman who is blessed with enormous talent and who finds herself in a far more interesting world once she accepts her life as it is, rather than as she would like it to be. Myrtle finds success in her own life through kind if offbeat friends one of whom helps her in providing a venue for her art show in which her work is proudly displayed. It is her choice of work that finally defines and completes her acceptance and pride in herself. "Myrtle" who closely identifies with the prehistoric stone figure of Venus of Willendorf, becomes for all of us who experienced the insecurity of youth and desire for acceptance, a heroine whose courage and self deprecating humor set a new standard for today's young women and sends a clear message of truth to those tortured young people who strive to become what they are not. Rather, "Myrtle" gives a much needed boost to the idea that self esteem and acceptance is every bit as appealing as the picture on the magazine cover so sought after by today's young women. Myrtle and her friends teach us a much needed lesson about life and our place in it. I have only one wish and that is to see more of Myrtle and where her life goes in the future. Myrtle of Willendorf will keep you reading until the last page is done and you will not soon forget this extrememly different and appealing "goddess". Ms. O'Connell has taken an important subject and brought it home with humor, pathos and compassion.

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