January's Child: A Birthday Month Book Review

January's Child: A Birthday Month Book
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This book is not only beautiful to look at but also to read and listen to. The words are inspiring and has something to make each child feel special. The illustrations are so vibrant and colorful, but uncomplicated so that it is easy for a child to appreciate and enjoy. This book is perfect for a birthday or shower gift. I have a few teacher friends and I will be recommending this to them for their classes, to celebrate their students birthday months.

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"You were born in your very own month of the year and the world was waiting to welcome you here with daydreams and wishes and circles of love and in turn you brought a gift from above...."Every day is someone's birthday, which January's Child celebrates with creative attributes for each month of the year. More positive than the traditional Monday's Child rhyme, and geared for families to share among youngest and oldest members, this is a beautifully illustrated treasury sure to become a classic, evergreen gift for new babies.

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