Magic of Giving, The Review

Magic of Giving, The
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Reviewed by Sophia McElroy (age 8) for Reader Views (1/11)"The Magic of Giving" was a great story about a little boy named Marc who wanted to enter a talent show at his school to win one-hundred dollars. There was one problem: He didn't have a talent, so he went to the school library to find one. He found a book about how to do magic; he thought it was perfect! When Marc went back to his classroom he told his teacher.
He practiced every day and every night, but the other students didn't practice because they already practiced for a day or two. When the day of the talent show arrived, the other students did terrible. Marc did his magic and won the talent show! His last magic trick was the magic of giving. He knew how he was going to spend his money. You will be pleasantly surprised to find how he shares his winnings in "The Magic of Giving
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When Marc decides to enter the school talent contest, he is at first discouraged because, unlike all the other kids, he can't come up with a talent. But during a trip to the school library, he picks out a book about Harry Houdini and decides that his talent will be magic. He practices all week for the big contest, and when he wins the prize, he buys a Thanksgiving feast for his friend, whose father recently lost his job. This uplifting picture book for young readers encourages kids to develop their abilities and use their talents to help not only themselves but others.

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