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Square Cat
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Square Cat is a delightful story that uses some rather light-hearted whimsy and wry humor to tell a story with a powerful message: it's important to like yourself for who you are, even if you are square and all your friends are round. This cute little square cat faces some problems since she's square - mouse holes are just not doable, her favorite round skirt just doesn't fit right, and it's hard to get up when you fall over! Luckily she has some great friends who after trying to help her be more round, soon learn that maybe the square view has it's advantages too.
The illustrations are easy and simple, but its really the text that's the standout in this effort. This is a great lesson to learn that the author presents very effectively, while always remembering to entertain as well as educate. No heavy handedness in sight, just a fun little story that makes you feel good. Recommended.

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