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Patrick the Somnambulist
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Patrick is a normal penguin kid like any other... until he falls asleep. Then he sleepwalks his way into all sorts of weird and crazy situations. At first he and his parents are unnerved by his odd behavior, but once Patrick has a name for his condition, he becomes more comfortable with it and even embraces it as a part of himself. The difference he was once ashamed of actually becomes a source of pride.
The idea that being different isn't bad, and can even be a good thing, is subtle and is buried in humor, but anyone who is different from the norm will identify with Patrick and will get the message. Young kids will enjoy hearing this story night after night at bedtime, and older kids who have been picked on or made fun of, or who just feel uncomfortably different from everyone else in some way, will also find a positive message here. (Just don't be surprised to find your child one day wrapped in toilet paper and wearing a plunger on his head!)

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