Beethoven in Paradise (Frances Foster Books) Review

Beethoven in Paradise (Frances Foster Books)
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Beethoven in Paradise is not what I expected. I originally bought this book because my son plays the violin and I thought he might like it. I'm glad I read it first because I'm not sure I'll let him read it just yet since he's nine years old and I have a pretty strict policy about the use of profanity, which this book has in ample supply. (I'd give it a PG 13.) The use of profanity is justified, though, and adds greatly to the authenticity of the setting and characters. I would highly recommend it to students of middle school age and would consider reading it aloud to my fourth graders, although I would have to use quite a few euphemisms. The messages in this book are so powerful: Be true to yourself, stand up for what you believe in, and follow your dreams. Even though I sort of wanted a sappy "everything's going to turn out alright" ending, the actual ending was very realistic and genuine.

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