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An Earthly Knight
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Sixteen-year-old Lady Jeanette Avenel, called Jenny, is the younger daughter of a minor Norman nobleman. Because of this, she has enjoyed relative freedom while growing up on her family's estate in Scotland. But now that her sister has been disgraced, everything has changed. Suddenly, Jenny finds herself thrust into the role usually belonging to the eldest daughter, and is chosen as a potential bride for William de Warenne, the king's younger brother and heir. In spite of her upbringing, however, Jenny wonders what if might be like if she could chose her own husband, someone she loved. When she meets Tam Lin, a young man who is rumored to have been kidnapped by fairies and who still remains tied to their world, she learns what it is like to be in love. But will her relationship with Tam only lead to heartbreak in the end?
Set in medieval Scotland, An Earthly Knight combines history, romance, and fantasy to make a wonderful story for teens that I highly recommend. I absolutely loved this book, and couldn't put it down. The characters were wonderful, as was the romance, and I loved the medieval setting.

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