Last Dance on Holladay Street Review

Last Dance on Holladay Street
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There are hordes of novels written about the Wild West. But amid the thousands of dime novels and nature-romance tales, very few have been written about adolescents, and even fewer have been written about FEMALE adolescents. Carbone's novel is one of a kind, narrating the story of 13-year-old Eva Wilkins.
In this novel, one can find the realism missing from the almost fantastic tradition of Western fiction. Carbone's novel is full of harsh realities. The heroine Eva takes them blow by blow. When her adoptive parents die on the farm, she is suddenly alone, and must fend for her in Denver where she is preyed on by the prostitution system and later preyed on by a mountain lion. Surely, life in the West is a struggle for the freedom and audacity. Although this book tells of reality of the West, it does not loose the epic, tall-tale quality that makes Westerns so alluring. Eva never ceases to be amazed by her surroundings and stumbles form one adventure to another. Although life is hard for the mixed-raced female Eva, like all heroines, beats the system, never loosing focus.
Certainly, in THE LAST DANCE ON HOLLADAY STREET, Carbone combines historical realism with Western adventure to present a new look at the West that all adolescents are sure to enjoy.

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