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The Only One Club
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When six-year-old Jennifer Jacobs' first grade class begins working on Christmas decorations, she quickly informs her teacher that she doesn't celebrate Christmas, but rather Hanukkah, for she is Jewish. Soon, Jennifer realizes that she is the only Jewish child in her class, and decides to make The Only One Club, in which she is the only member. However, as word gets around about her club, Jennifer begins realizing that there are many other children in her class, and in the school, who are the only one of something, and quickly makes badges for everyone in her class, informing them that they too can be a member of The Only One Club.
While I am not Jewish myself, I find that there are so few books on the market for Jewish children around the holidays. So I was quite awed by the arrival of Jane Naliboff's THE ONLY ONE CLUB. The prose is wonderful, and teaches children that everyone is unique, whether it's the color of their hair, or eyes, or their religion, or beliefs, while the illustrations by Jeff Hopkins couldn't be cuter. This is a lovely children's book to pick up this holiday season, whether you're Jewish or not.
Erika Sorocco
Book Review Columnist for The Community Bugle Newspaper

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This heartwarming story explores the many ways in which children feel unique and special. Mrs. Matthews's first grade class begins making Christmas decorations, but because Jennifer is Jewish, Mrs. Matthews allows her to make Hanukkah decorations instead. Jennifer enjoys the attention and creates "The Only One Club," of which she is the sole member. When her classmates want to join, she is resistant until she realizes that each of her friends is also "the only one" at something. As she inducts them into her club she reveals the unique qualities that make each of her classmates extraordinary. Through this touching story, young children are encouraged to discover and treasure their own uniqueness and to actively look for special qualities in others beyond race or culture. A medley of pencil, watercolor, acrylic paint, and pastel illustrations bring this inspiring and humorous tale to life.

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