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Safe-Keeper's Secret
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As a huge Sharon Shinn fan I felt compelled to pick up 'The Safe-Keeper's Secret'.
Unlike most of her other novels this book is written with a teenage audience in mind. The writing is simplified, and the story is easy to follow. Regardless the book can be enjoyed by anyone.
The setting is a fantasy world where every town has a safe-keeper, and a truth-teller. Furthermore this world also has a dream-maker.
This is the story of a safe-keeper and her two children. The safe-keeper is a person who can hold on to secrets no matter how horrible they may be. One of her children happens to be a secret, the boy was mysteriously dropped off in the middle of the night, and she raises him as her own.
The rest of the book follows the two children, Reed & Fiona. They discover themselves; learn of what they want to be, & that bloodlines don't truly matter. During this period of time they suffer the loss of a loved one. To reveal more of the plot would be to ruin the story.
While this was an overall good novel, I found it somewhat difficult to become attached to some of the characters earlier on. I would therefore recommend the 'Samalia' books or 'Summer at Castle Auburn' if you're looking to try a Sharon Shinn fantasy.

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