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Seaward Born
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Michael is a lucky 13-year-old African American boy. Even though he lives in the 1800s, he has still not been taken for slavery. He has no parents, but has a guardian, Mrs. Lautrec, who takes care of him and his friends, Anna, Sam, and Sirrah. Mrs. Lautrec sends him off to be with a captain who trains him to survive on water. But after Mrs. Lautrec dies, he and his friends are taken as slaves. He sneaks onto a ship headed to Boston on an adventure to be free from slavery. But not even he knows where it is going to end up.
This book should have been recommended for a more sophisticated age group. The publishers recommend it for ages 8 to 12, but because of the slavery, and men, women, and their children being thrown off of a ship, it should have been recommended more for ages 11 to 15, or for someone who wants to learn about slavery in the 1800s. I was not able to concentrate for a long time, because only every other chapter was interesting. Less describing the scenery and the thoughts of the characters, and more adventure and human conversations would keep the reader more engaged. But other than these minor details, this is a book that makes the reader worry about Michael being caught and enslaved, and at the end it gets more interesting and I cared about the main character's life.

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