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Trino's Choice
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Trino's Choice, by Diane Gonzales Bertrand, is a story about a young boy named Trino. Trino is in the 7th grade and lives in a trailer park and is struggling through his adolescent stages while facing many problems that will force him to choose between right and wrong.
The author catches the reader's attention is several different ways. Suspense, questioning, and love are just some of those ways. However the reader needs to relate to Trino's life and the poor, trailer park life. If the reader hasn't been able to relate, this book gives the reader a good idea of how many adolescent teens live, and the problems they face.
Overall, this book was at best mediocre. It lacked a major attention getter and was slow on getting a point across. However, Trino's Choice did show the reader how some teens really live and how life is not always as pleasant as it is portrayed.

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