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...This is the story of Raven Jefferson, a bright 16-year-old girl who lives in a Brooklyn housing project. Raven has always been determined to move out of the projects and go to college like her older sister Dell, but her goal is put on hold when she becomes pregnant and drops out of high school to have the baby. After the birth of her son, Raven spends her days at home with occasional visits from her best friend, Aisha, another high school dropout and single mother. Raven starts to lose hope that she will ever leave the projects but then she learns of a spelling bee with a grand prize of a college scholarship. She spends all of her waking hours preparing for the bee and eventually realizes her dream because of her hard work.
This is a classic story of a young woman who has a goal and doesn't let a few bumps along the way stop her from achieving it. Raven's ability to defy the odds is inspirational. The plot is a bit weak, but the laugh-out-loud funny moments make it a worthwhile read.
McDonald should be congratulated for brilliantly capturing the voices of two young women from the Brooklyn projects. Spellbound is geared towards the 11-and 12-year-old crowd, but anyone can enjoy this quick read...

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