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This is a great read for kids.
The story explores a young musician's struggle to understand the adults in her life and to find her way among her peers as she explores her art. Becky's exploits will captivate you and carry you on to a wonderful and empowering conclusion.
She and her younger brother will make you laugh out loud.
Readers will learn some things about music and life. I think it is an excellent novel that will inspire whoever reads it.
I have decided to give this book to several children this Christmas season.
You can be sure that Becky will thrill boys and girls whether or not they have any interest in music at all.

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Becky Cohen has a rough life. She's an outsider everywhere she goes: shunned and mocked at school, at her violin lessons, and at home by her disapproving mother. Her only true friend is her brilliant little brother, newspaper-loving Benjy. She dreams of becoming a great violinist, but at the group lessons she's forced to take at the Y, Becky panics and plays badly. Then Becky meets Mr. Freeman, her building's handyman. He has a lot to teach her about becoming a musician, and being a friend. Gradually, Becky begins speaking her mind more often, and finds that people are actually listening. Then Mr. Freeman tells Becky about a local performing arts high school's scholarship contest. With the lessons learned from Mr. Freeman and Benjy, can Becky overcome her fears and play what's in her heart?

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