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Patricia Kelly is one determined young lady. Left an orphan in England she smuggles herself aboard a ship bound for the West Indies, determined to secure the inheritance she is confident that she has been promised and that will ensure her future life is happy and comfortable. But of course we all know that the course of such tales rarely runs smoothly, and in the process Patricia finds herself in all manner of unlikely adventures.
This is a stirring story for anyone of any age, though I can imagine it would particularly resonate in the hearts of adventurous teens. Patricia sails the high seas, assists the ship's surgeon in the aftermath of battle, is shipwrecked, finds love, loses love and finds it again. In case this seems a little far fetched, there are many historical instances of women undertaking similar adventures on board ships at the time - usually without recognition, but they were there all the same. And I imagine they were every bit as feisty as our heroine Patricia.
This book is told in clear, first person prose (which I am usually not fond of as I am nosy and like to know what the other characters are thinking), but it suits this rollocking tale. It is historically accurate (and inaccuracy is my pet peeve) and is not burdened with excessive romance which mars many a similar tale. It really is a very good read! And unusually for tales of this ilk (and this is NOT a spoiler) the ending is very satisfying.
And, as a plus, even though one should never judge a book by its cover, it has the most sensational cover art work; which reflects the great tale within, and certainly captures the spirit of our heroine.
Highly recommended for any young lady in your life.

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