I AM a Lovable ME (I Am a Lovable Me) Review

I AM a Lovable ME (I Am a Lovable Me)
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"My light shines bright, for the whole world to see,
I give love to others, and it comes back to me..."
Sharon Penchina is a motivational speaker who realized the need to help children build a strong foundation of self-esteem at an early age. Dr. Stuart Hoffman is a Chiropractor specializing in children's care. Together, they have created a series of books and Audio CDs. There is also a plush toy - the Lovable Me Bug.
The art in this book is delightful and the little bug is quite lovable. This affirmation book will help children to understand the need for positive internal dialogue. Children will learn about the importance of family, healthy eating and imagination. They learn to breathe deeply, share toys and appreciate nature.
There is also a good dose of humor:
"I remember things easily,
Because, I pay attention.
I like to be read to,
Did I happen to mention?"
I am a Lovable Me is filled with vibrant art and a heart-healing message. As the little loveable bug zooms around the pages, the affirmations sink in and could change a child's life for the better.
~The Rebecca Review

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Helping children develop and practice the core building blocks of constructive internal dialogue, I AM a Lovable ME! Affirmations for Children is chock full of almost 100 affirmations that teach positive self talk. The book has a whimsical rhyme, spoken by the "LOVABLE ME" bug, and vibrant imagery emphasizing the importance of family, healthy eating, exercise, imagination, being a good friend, and enjoying life. The CD has whimsical music and verse, narrated by an adorable child, and will captivate children and have them singing their own praise in no time! Narration of I AM a Lovable ME! book.

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