The Playdate Kids: The I Like Me Dance (Book & CD) (Playdate Kids Musical) Review

The Playdate Kids: The I Like Me Dance (Book and CD) (Playdate Kids Musical)
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Colorfully illustrated by W. M. Edwards in a cartoon style that is perfect for children ages 3 to 6, "The I Like Me Dance" by Tim Friedlander is the latest title in the Playdate Kids Publisher series of picturebook titles showcasing the behavioral and psychological skills kids need to grow up into healthy and well-adjusted adults. "The I Like Me Dance" focuses upon the quality of self-esteem and is enhanced with the inclusion of an accompanying DVD. The story is set in an extraordinary zoo where Cosmos, Chloe, Danny and Dakota encounter memorable animals and unforgettable characters. The result is four happy kids who learn to uninhibitedly and non-judgementally dance in their own distinctive styles -- and in the process come to value both themselves and each other. Also highly recommended for preschool, daycare center, elementary school, and community library collections are the other titles in this outstanding Playdate Kids Publishing series: "Island :Potty Party" about potty training; and "Booger Boogie" about using a tissue to blow one's nose.

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Part zoo adventure, part songbook and part early confidence builder, this musical journey boosts a young child's self-esteem through its encouraging text and self-assured tone. Through the rhyme, children can appreciate their individuality and have loads of fun along the way. The included CD and sheet music mean kids can do their own I Like Me Dance at home. Reading level 4-8.

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