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Lighthouse Lindy
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I am a teacher of 2nd through 6 grade gifted students. After reading reviews, I felt like this book would be good to share with my students. I purchased it and read it to my 2nd through 4th graders. They all liked it, but especailly the 2nd and 3rd graders. I always like books that teach values, and this one is full of life lessons about accepting others' differences and forgiveness. The lighthouse theme was appealing to both the boys and girls in my classes. The way that the author personified the lighthouses, and provided foreshadowing kept the students engaged. The students seemed to connect with Lindy and Laramie. Several other teachers in my school borrowed my copy and read it to their classes. Then they purchased a copy for their classrooms or their own children. I recommend this book to any teacher or parent of boys or girls in 1st through 3rd grades.

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LIFE LESSONS FROM LIGHTHOUSE LINDYWhen an old lighthouse named Lindy discovers she is being replaced by a brand-new, brighter lighthouse, her self-esteem starts to fade. When everyone abandons her, Lindy quickly begins to doubt herself and her value to the sea.The day a destructive hurricane hits the shore, tried-and-true Lindy knows she must prove her worth to the townspeople. They soon learn that the new lighthouse may not be as dependable as old Lindy.Author Gloria Dean Butler was inspired to write Lighthouse Lindy by her son, Patrick. Through this delightful children s story, she teaches that self-worth is defined by your spirit and not by your possessions, and demonstrates that working together to build a friendship, despite differences, is more important than the material things in life.

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